Horse Riding Stables Chesterfield


Here are a few comments from people who have used Villa Mar.

  • I am a NVQ Student at Villa Mar and have had Riding lessons there for a few years. I enjoy going there because there is a friendly and relaxed family atmosphere which makes riding even more enjoyable. They are very helpful and happy to adapt riding lessons to you, even when you are suffering from any health problems and they will always make sure that you are happy and comfortable when you are riding. There are lots of horses and ponies who live out together all year round so they are much happier and calmer than alot of horses I have ridden at other riding schools, so I have found them much more pleasant to ride which makes everyone happy.

Hannah – NVQ Student

  • My daughter and I have been going to Villa Mar for over three years now and during this time we have been completely satisfied with the quality service that we have received. Sarah and her family have made us more than welcome into their family run business and more importantly Beatrice’s riding skills have excelled. She loves attendingVilla Mar on a Saturday, not just to have her lessons but spends a whole day working with and around the horses. Sarah provides every opportunity for the children to progress at their pace and level whilst thoroughly enjoying the experience of being around horses.

Angela Evans

  • This is a short note of thanks for all the support and help you have offered to all the children I have fostered and the ones I am still fostering. Being able to take part in safe supervised activities such as horse riding and stable management have been very much appreciated by the children and have provided our family with very welcomed ‘time out’. The activities you provide have been a big hit with all the children who always look forward to the days when they come to Villa-Mar. Socialising with the other children, seeing the animals and taking part in all aspects of animal care has also taught the children to be kind and considerate towards each other and towards other animals they have contact with. They always come home and talk about what they have been doing during the day.They also feel they have done something worthwhile. The new skills and knowledge they have learnt is too numerous to mention. I would highly recommend that anyone who has children or are interested in themselves in trying a new activity comes along to VIlla-Mar for the day and sees what fun whilst learning, horse riding can be. No one regardless of age or ability should feel unable to participate, as you have professionally trained horses, ponies to suit everyone’s needs as you have demonstrated to us with the children we have. Your establishment certainly provides value for money on a daily basis, not to mention the “own a pony weeks” are exceptional value for money. Thankyou once again.

Mr & Mrs Kirby & Family